Käytämme evästeitä verkkosivustollamme, jotta käyttökokemuksesi olisi parempi.

Evan - Full Stack Developer: I work as a Full Stack Developer with Loikka’s SaaS product Aavu. When starting with Loikka my decision was between working as a consultant or with a product and for me working on a product was more appealing. I feel like in Loikka crew I can question things and make a difference and also improve my skill set and know more! 

I am looking forward to learning about Finnish work culture, more about testing and how it should be done. Also Google Cloud Services is also something I want to learn more about!

What does the crew think about Evan?

“Evan makes great conversation about current issues and seems like a person who knows a lot about all things!”

“He is not afraid to speak his mind and question things and this is a great quality.” 

From Oregon


Has previously lived in Estonia! 


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