To celebrate our new visual brand, I decided to write a few words on the way we think and work here at Loikka – the way of Loikka, if you will.

We will get our hands dirty

First of all, we will search for the root of the problem. Not in meeting rooms, but in real life situations. Deliver what is needed, not what is asked. We challenge our customers to think broader.

Talking about solutions? The process of finding the digital service solution that best fits the case is what Loikka does better than others. The solution that might not be what was asked, but what brings the best ROI and quality of service. Service solutions should use data and be smooth. Customer experience can and must be digitized.

Our way is not the most expensive, nor the cheapest. Not too expensive, but offering cost efficiency. It will be the best solution. It has to be. Why? Cause we are used to an environment where excellence is expected. If you would like to buy something that we think is not worthwhile considering your business, we won’t deliver.

What we do deliver is perfection that stems from co-operation and knowledge.

To achieve goals, people usually move forward one step at a time. How about a leap?

Setting your business to thrive-mode requires deep understanding of numbers, data, marketing and society. Different technologies challenge us to ask which place we occupy in the universe. In the end it should be us challenging technology to bend to our needs.

Digital environment makes a good servant, but it needs human creativity, feeling and questioning to work efficiently. Over speed and efficiency, we prefer creative economical thinking and capability of finding the right solutions.

  • At Loikka, we combine business, design, data, and technical expertise to create new ways to do digital service design.

This is what we are. This is what we do. If you need a partner to take your business to the next level, give us a call.

Best regards:

Joonas Suominen, CEO
+358 400 782 838